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After performing at the Tomorrowland festival, Dua Lipa made claims on social media to have been the ‘first international woman’ to perform at Tomorrowland, but that is clearly incorrect. And she seems to have offended people. SO we know that she clearly needs a fact checker, or to have her management or publicity check her tweets when she is going to make bold statements like she did.

There are actually a lot more female artists that have come before her. Nobody is sure where she got her false information from. Rezz, Alison Wonderland and more commented on this blasphemy.

Producer and DJ, Dani Deahl, tweeted a list of females to debunk Dua Lipa and make sure she knew who she was slighting.

She then added a very funny, ‘Congrats to Dua Lipa for being the first Dua Lipa to perform at Tomorrowland.’ So clearly, the point is being made. Dua Lipa has since deleted the tweet making her false statement (Twitter doesn’t allow edits) and reworded her caption on Instagram from “female artist” to “female singer”.

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