One of the most slept on Run DMC songs was ‘Rock Box’. It was easy to see why to a degree. This duo had so many hot joints and it did compete against three other released singles (‘Hard Times’ ‘Sucker MCs’ & ‘It’s Like That’) on their debut album self-titled ‘Run DMC’ in 1984. It was the third single released via Profile Records, Inc.

The video is mainly in black and white as was the photo of the debut album. It has crunching guitar riffs as did most of this album due to the Rick Rubin influence, and boy did it work. It was really like hearing rap lyrics and rhyming behind legit rock n roll. It most certainly was different, as much as it was raw. The lyrics were so fucking tight, but the music kept right up in the chase.

The video is kinda cheesy in an 80’s way. It shows them superimposed into silly shots. For some reason their “number one fan”, Timmy is an 8-year-old white kid that looks like he would sooner listen to Kidz Bop (I know it didn’t exist back then). Run actually does some typical 70s into the 80s dance like floss moves. But that is the most you are gonna get outta these two bad asses. Remember, this is the guy that told you ‘Calvin Klein is no friend of mine. Don’t want nobody’s name on my behind.’



The heavy rock guitar riff and solos are original compositions performed by Eddie Martinez, also seen playing the electric guitar in the music video. Jam Master Jay programmed the song’s hip-hop beat. The single reached No. 26 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs.

The video shows the group performing at the World Famous Danceteria, a wildly popular, New York City punk club.

“Rock Box” was also the first video actually produced by the group.


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